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Carpet cleaning company is the topic of much confusion. Most individuals do not get their carpets cleaned that often, so how can you tell WHO to choose when it comes to a carpet cleaning company?

As a professional carpet cleaner in the cleaning industry, here are just a few guidelines for you to consider when deciding on a carpet cleaning company in your part of the city and surrounding area.

Tip #1: Don’t choose a carpet cleaner based upon equipment alone. Do not ask about, your carpet cleaner needs first-rate equipment. But he also needs something else. They should get employees who are skilled at operating that equipment or operate the equipment themselves. Many companies own hot-water extractors, but very few companies teach their employees how or when to use them properly. So ask WHO will be doing the cleaning.

Tip #2: You definitely get what you pay for. Don’t settle for the $29.00 living/area cleaning scheme. Low price might be a problem in 3 ways:

  1. Low price can be the bait that draws your phone call. But after the cleaner gets into your living environment, he pressures you right into a considerably more expensive job.
  2. Low price can be for single-process cleaning. Rarely does the consumer determine what this implies and, when told, ask for ask for dual-process cleaning instead, which costs much more.
  3. Low price could mean the carpet cleaner has cheap equipment that may not effectively clean your carpet.

Tip #3: Other than “searching for carpet cleaning by phone”, call the company and ask questions. When you feel comfortable and understand their rates and treatment process ask for a written estimate. The company should provide a free quote or estimate as part of their service. Then you will know specifically what kind of service the carpet cleaner will provide – and you will not be the victim of high-pressure tactics as soon as the technician steps inside of your living room to start cleaning.

Tip #4: In our view, every carpet cleaning company should be transparent and responsible for its work. And also if you aren’t satisfied with the job in any way, you shouldn’t need to pick up the bill for it. Not all carpet cleaners provide a guarantee for their service. Or, in the event that they do, the guarantee may be “limited.” Ask your floor cleaner if he offers a money-back guarantee and make certain the carpet cleaner includes his guarantee on his written estimate.

Tip #5: Any carpet cleaner can say how successful and happy his customers are with his company. And, sadly, some of which according to him is probably not true. Make sure you ask for references and find reviews online to read comments from current customers, so you can make the right choice.

Tip #6: Deciding on a company based upon size. Some large companies in your local neighborhood do a very good job, some however, do a terrible job. Other small companies do an incredible job, yet they are unqualified to clean the most basic carpet. So research your options, find out if a brand new employee will certainly clean your floor coverings or an expert technician. Look at the company web site, is it a single page with a telephone number or is there a good amount of information about the company’s service and cleaning rates?

Carpet Cleaning Alabama

Thanks for reading the following tips that will help you choose the ideal carpet cleaning company in the local area.



Tommy McSmith is the Marketing Director of Mckay Flooring Blog based in Wilimington, DE a carpet cleaning service company. Mr. McSmith has 22 years of experience in the cleaning and maintenance industry and provides the most up-to-date information and methods of cleaning available.